Friday, 7 March 2008

So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish...

Model Robot has teamed up with Oceana across the pond to save all the ugly fish of the world!
We all know that if you're beautiful one can simply sail through life without a care in the world...riches, fame and love are your oyster, but what about those less fortunate than ourselves?
Who cares for all the ugly fish left behind?
Us. We care...deeply...and so to the drawing board/wacom tablet to make the world just that little bit of a nicer place to live in, and help our friends in the oceans.

Coming to a shore near you, soon...

School's Out

Model Robot are currently working in conjuncture with writer Dylan Calder and puplis from Haggerston, Seabirght and Randell Cremer schools to produce a short narrative based animation detailing various issues faced by the pupils.
Look out for a bit of park-life towards the end of April.