Thursday, 29 October 2009

A little Halloween treat, The Mummy.

I must say that Universal's 1932 production of 'The Mummy' featuring Boris Karloff is one of my very favourite Universal horror's...well it's a toss up between that and 'The Invisible Man'. Don't know how many times I've watched them or how many times I will watch them but never a moment wasted spent in their magnificent company!

So this is my little homage to The Mummy,Karloff and all things horror. So for Halloween, get wrapped up and have a good one!

Monday, 19 October 2009


The Film4Folkestone premiere by Strange Cargo took place last week and among the films featured was 'Preggers' by Model Robot. A subtle animation dealing with the sensitive issue of young mothers in Folkestone. The film focuses on the struggle to get by and do one's best in the face of negativity.

The other three films featured were 'Welcome To Folkestone' by Brad Purnell, Folkestone Folk by Alex Estrella and Process No.18 by Philip M. Lane. The screening also featured filmed documentary introductions by Gerry Kelly and animated links provided by Andy Clift.
Future screenings will take place at Georges House Gallery between Saturday 31st October and Saturday 7th November. Screening times will vary so please check website for details near the time or call 01303 244533.
A DVD featuring all four films will be available at some point in the future also.